July 30, 2005


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Last weekend, we had the chance to visit with some old friends of ours (because that’s what they are now, it’s been almost 13 years since we met). Here you see Annika Wiebe, Jessica Mutch, and Sarah. I just thought this picture was so cute because it’s like a little mini girlfriends lunch. They had a great time, and I hope that they grow up to be great friends!

Another good friend of Sarah’s is her cousin Makenna. Yesterday they were over for dinner, and Jenny and I had the first small glimpse of the two of them entertaining each other (finally — and no big bullying). We were making dinner, and the two of them were just giggling away at each other in Ben’s room, totally on their own, now that was nice!
One more girlfriend of Sarah’s is her other cousin Grace. I have no pictures of Grace right now because she’s in Vancouver, but Sarah sure misses her. We had to stop by Grace’s house the other day for something, and you should have heard the tears when we didn’t go inside to play with Grace. In fact, I think if you were listening closely, you COULD have heard the tears.


July 28, 2005

That’s better

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Lunch was good…. and hot, and now everyone is in bed and the only sound I can hear is our air conditioner running away. I really do have a couple of great kids despite their bad days. I mean really, if I’m allowed to have so many bad days (trust me, they’re there), then isn’t it only fair that they are too? We should just hope that they don’t all collide at the same time — that would be the perfect storm of bond-bad-moods, and who would want to be around for that? Not me.
Ben and I just got back from his 4 month check up, and the stinker weighs 15lb, 7oz, and is 26 1/4 inches long. Apparently that’s pretty average (75%), but he’s above average to us.
I am so blessed with the kids and husband I have.

One of THOSE days

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Today was one of those days (right now it’s only 11 am, sigh). I think that Sarah and Ben conspire somehow during the night to tag team us (me). I’m not even kidding or exaggerating, but they have seriously taken turns all morning crying. Ben is having issues going to sleep on his own today (which is unusual), and Sarahbear is alternating between ‘wowies’, ie, bumping head, arm, or RUNNING into the kitchen table at full speed and cutting her lip, and just plain miserableness. Now, I have to admit, Travis and I have been enjoying the occasional beer this summer, and today reminded me of a story a friend of mine once told me where they were at an all inclusive resort, and were getting to the end of their stay. They had been enjoying the free beverages the resort provides, and were down at the beach one day when she asked the waitress for a beer. The waitress replied, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but the bar doesn’t open until 10am!” Today was one of those days. So I think what I’ll do, is have a Diet Coke (yum), get myself organized, and take these turkeys (myself and Travis included) down to the beach for a picnic lunch, because at the end of the day, that’s what we’ll remember, right? The good and not the bad.

It’s so much better to remember the good, anyways! 🙂

July 27, 2005

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The best sound in the world, I think is Ben’s laugh. He is such a happy, contented baby, that it is so easy to get him going. We just had a really great giggle session, and it made my day!

I love Sarah’s laugh too. Especially the one that she does just as she’s getting into her crib to sleep and sees her ‘suzie’. It’s sort of an evil laugh, without being evil at all, just excited and happy to be reunited with a long lost friend.

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How exciting! (only a parent would understand)

We had quite the day here on Monday. I can’t believe I’m talking about this, but when your world revolves around little ones, times like these can be very exciting! So Sarah came up to me on Monday and said ‘poo?’, to which I replied as I usually do, “Do you have to go poopoo?” Off we went to the bathroom, stripped her down, and she sat….. (while the rest of us watched, mom, dad and Ben) and sat….. and sat….. and finally……… A POOP!!!! Actually in the toilet, on purpose! Oh the rejoicing! Oh the party! Oh the affirmation!!! And so, a new routine has started. Now we have to wipe, we have to wash, and, the most important part, we have to reward with mini-m&m’s. Now we just have to see if it happens again!

July 23, 2005

Let’s give this a try

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Well, I’m new at this ‘blogging’ (such a silly word, let’s just get that out in the open, there’s a part of me that really wants to not use that word at all), but I thought this is a great way for grandparents and great grand parents alike to keep updated on this crazy life in the Bond house. Friends, of course you’re invited too, but I hate to feel like I’m forcing my kids on you (as this is probably what most of this blog -there it is again- will mostly be about), but lets just get over that.
Do you feel like a voyeur? There is a part of me that always does when I read about other people’s lives on the internet, but I’d like to invite you into our sometimes crazy, sometimes very boring lives, so feel free to have a look, and don’t feel like you’re being nosy, after all, I won’t put anything on here that would, say, get me fired from a job or something. 🙂
What is a post without pictures? So here are Sarah and Ben my two favourite little people in this world, and you will see alot more of them, I’m sure. Now, let me see what this looks like…….