November 28, 2005

What was I thinking?

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I had this grand idea the other day to try and get a picture done for our Christmas cards that had BOTH kids in it.

Who am I kidding anyways?

I’m going to have to cut and paste heads onto bodies, I think.



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This is Ben last thursday night. He did it, he really did.
But, he did NOT on Saturday night for Kirby (our babysitter),
or Sunday night for me or Trav,
or this morning from me.

He WILL do it again this week, or he will be very thirsty.
Or….. Travis will have some very long evenings.


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It’s not so bad.

A story from long ago

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This is a story of the Peters family, pre-Donny days, when Rachel was 2 or 3 (I can’t remember). We were all in Abbotsford on a holiday, and my dad was showing us his old elementary school. We were wandering around the grounds, looking in windows, playing on the playground…. regular 3, 5 and 7 year old stuff. During the tour, Rachel tripped and fell, hitting her head on a doorstop. Yes, the short stubby bit of metal that is bolted to the ground to stop a school door from opening any further.
Off to MSA we went.
The doctor in emergency, after determining that Rachel needed stitches in her forehead, thought it would be ok if the rest of us stayed to watch.
I don’t know who ever thought it was a good idea.
Probably about the time that she got the freezing put in, Jenny and I thought that we didn’t feel so good, and wanted to go outside. My dad happily obliged us.
Fast forward 20 minutes, when Rachel with her blown-up-glove face balloon and my mom come outside the hospital, everything is a-ok, and see this:

Karen lying down on the sidewalk, and Jenny barfing in the grass.

I have never been good with stitches.

Fast forward again 22 years or so to yesterday.
“Travis, I’m probably going to have to go outside when they start giving her stitches”

But then it all just happened, and it was my baby, and she was calling out, ‘mommy’, and there was no way I would leave. They stitched her up, and got her cuddling Daddy on the stretcher, when out of nowhere ‘I was feeling a little woozy.’ (in the words of Madame Blueberry) We hadn’t had anything to eat all day (it was noon), so I asked for some apple juice, and the nurse made me go lie down outside the room on a stretcher. So I turned out to be one of those parents who just couldn’t handle it. Fortunately, I am married to someone who likes to take notes on exactly what the doctor is doing, and would happily assist if asked.

Ben better not be much of a dare devil.

November 27, 2005

Things to do on a Sunday morning

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Well, this morning started out well…. we were doing the usual family cuddle in bed. This is a routine that has evolved for weekend mornings — we all just kind of hang out for half an hour or so until we’re ready to start the day. We were just joking around doing ‘peek-a-boo’ to the kids, and the next thing we knew, Travis and Sarah had butted heads (actually tooth to lip), and Sarah’s top lip was split open. There was blood, and there were tears, and there was a big (well, not too big, but big enough) gash on poor Bear’s lip.
Off to the hospital we went, thinking that we just had to get it checked out, but probably nothing would have to be done. Dr. O’Neil came in to see Sarah, he’s an old friend of mine from high school days, and took one quick look and determined that she would need a stitch. Obviously, you can NOT give stitches to a two year old by just telling them to lie still. That would be IMPOSSIBLE. She would have to be sedated, but how? The first option would be to start an IV on her, and sedate her that way (again, how do you start the iv? You can’t just tell her to be still). The other option was to give her oral drugs and sedate her that way. The best way is with the iv because apparently you have more control over the dose, etc, etc. So we went with that option.
And so, two nurses came in, and we held Sarah down, and they tried to start an iv in her hand, but were unsuccessful. (darn). You should have heard the screams.
Because that didn’t work, she got to drink some yummy strawberry drugs with an apple juice chaser.
Today, I saw my 2 year old daughter absolutely STONED. She was hilarious. I wish that we had the video camera there, but she was totally in the “I love you, man” state of mind. Daddy got tons of hugs, and ‘ohhhhh, dadddddy’, and strokes on his face. “Ohhhh mommmmy,” and “Baaaaabbby Bennnnnn” were her other favourite things to say. She would hold her hands out in front of her and look at them like she had never seen them before, and was totally fascinated by the red light on the oxygen meter on her toe — it was sooooooo coooool!
Anyways, she got the stitch, mommy almost passed out and had to go lie down on a stretcher (that’s another story), but we’re all home now recovering, and I think we’ll be ok!
It’s funny how things like this always seem to happen at such busy times in our lives. We’re about to start the busiest week EVER, and off to the hospital we go. Another time we were in emerg was the day after Ben and I had got out of the hospital (the time that we were back IN the hospital after he was born), and Sarah had hurt her elbow and was walking around like she had a broken wing for three days.
Oh well, I’m sure that we will make many more trips to emerg as the years go by, and have great stories to tell as a result.
Like the day that Sarah was stoned on vitamin K in front of her parents.

November 24, 2005

A little taste of freedom

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Big news! Tonight Ben took a bottle. His first bottle. Couldn’t get enough apparently, and was mad when it was taken away. I have tried in the past to give him a bottle, and after chewing on it for a while, when it came right down to trying to drink from it, he would get absolutely personally offended that I would try such a thing. Especially since what he was used to and really wanted was soooooo close. But tonight, Jenny and my Mom were over for supper, and I had to run out to Wal Mart to get a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter, so I asked if one of them could try giving him a bottle. And they did, and he loved it.
Freedom!!! Freedom!!! Sleeping through the night and a bottle all in the same week. Now, I know that some babies do this right from the start, but my Ben chose to wait 8 months. Travis and I can actually go out on a date. I don’t need to be worried about being around at bedtime. Freedom!!!

Actually, it makes me just a little sad.

But I’m sure I’ll get over it!! 🙂

Oh, Sarah

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This morning, Sarah went downstairs to play, still in her pj’s. Headband, check. Dora backpack, full to the brim with blocks, check. Jammies, check. She came up a little later to get dressed for the day, and as I was helping her get dressed, I noticed a little flash of crack. So I went to help her pull up her diapers (we have FULLY regressed into diaper wearing ALL THE TIME, she’ll maybe tell me that she has to go pee pee just after the fact), and there was no diaper! She was going commando under her pj’s! I laughed, because sometimes, she’ll take her diaper off if it’s full, and run around maked. Yes, maked, I did not spell it wrong. But she only does that if she has no pants on. But today, I guess she pulled them down, took diaper off, and pulled them back up! The funny part to me, along with the commando part, is that I came across the old diaper later on downstairs, and it was dry. So who knows why.
Who knows.

Love you, Bear.

November 22, 2005

Things that go bump in the night

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Last night, Ben slept. And slept. So did Sarah. Travis and I too, until the fire alarm decided to test itself at 4:30 am. Just a short LOUD, high pitched beep that woke us up wondering what it was. We didn’t know, so we went back to sleep. For 10 min. Then the beep again. Travis had to disconnect the alarm to stop it, so we both spent the next hour hearing every creak and groan and whisper the house had for us. All, of course, on the first night that Ben slept through without getting up AT ALL!!!! It figures.

But, I’m so happy he slept, I’ll sort myself out later. Like in 2 weeks when ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas” is done! 🙂

November 21, 2005

The rush of adrenaline

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I just tried to win a bid on ebay. Boy was that stressful. My sister-in-law, Shirley, had emailed me a couple of pictures of winter jackets that would be good for Sarah. So, I had picked one out that I liked, and was going to bid. Shirley has bought many things on ebay in the past, and her advice was to bid in the last minute. So I have been sitting here at the computer for at least 45 minutes, waiting for that last minute to arrive. The countdown started, 5 min, 3 min, 2 min….. my heart started to race, my breathing became faster, I was getting stressed, so I BID! At 2 min. And I had the high bid, too, only to lose it in about the last 30 seconds. Shoot. I really liked that jacket, too. oh well.

Now I just need to calm down!


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A word found mainly in the vocabulary of grandchildren. ‘Botchew’ meaning someone who holds that child a special place in their heart has given them…. anything.
It all started when I wanted Sarah to know who had bought her any particular thing. Sarah, do you know who bought you those slippers? Sarah do you know who bought you those pants, or that pretty dress? Sarah, do you know who bought you that book?

It has now turned into one word.

Nana botchew pippers (slippers)!!!!! (said with quite a squeal)

Mamma botchew pants!!! (Grandma, said with same squeal)

Gigi botchew book!!!! (again, very excited)

We’re still working on the whole ‘me’, ‘you’, ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ thing. 🙂

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