February 28, 2006

Haircuts all around.

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On Sunday, we went up to Auntie Jenny and Uncle Ken’s place for the afternoon. I hadn’t meant for it to work out this way, but we made Auntie Jenny work, and she did ALL of our hair. Here you see Sarah’s first cut of the back of her hair (she’s had bangs since Christmas), Travis got a cut (finally), I got a cut and colour (lucky me, my sister does hair — get rid of those grays!), and even Ben got the long pieces from around his ears trimmed. We did save all the bits of hair needed for their baby books, but the camera battery was dead when we did Ben’s hair. oh well. Anyways, Sarah felt very important and special sitting in Auntie Jenny’s chair.

And she is.



So much for being good.

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Today Sarah and I made cookies. As I was deciding which ones to make, I was thinking that I should try and be sort of good and at least pick a recipe that I could use whole wheat flour or oats or something that would make them even remotely healthy. But no, I went the other way and decided to go for all out chocolately goodness. Amanda, you will LOVE these cookies. They’re from the Best of the Best of Bridge (one of my favourite cookbooks), and they’re practically brownies.

I’ve already had at least three, and the evening has just begun.

Speaking of recipes, I also posted this one on our recipe site today. Samosas in phyllo is also from the Best of the Best. I’ve made it a couple of times and it’s a really good, and might I even say, healthy-ish treat. Course, it’s a good excuse to eat my yummy plum chutney which is not so healthy-ish.

Anyways, give ’em a try, they’re soooooooo good!

February 23, 2006

I told you I would regret it.

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Yesterday, Travis and I were at Jen and Jordan’s place picking up the kids, and were just sitting with Jen for a few minutes chatting about the day, ie, how many time outs Sarah got, how long they each slept for etc etc. While we were doing this, Sarah was practising her new habit (see below). She worked on it for about 5 minutes, very intently sitting on the couch. Well, it was time to go, and as we were rounding the kids and their stuff up, something caught our eye. There it was, Sarah’s prize, the big golden nugget, on the door of the tv entertainment unit for all to see.

I’m a little embarassed.

She has since been told that boogies go in KLEENEX.

February 21, 2006

I can’t believe I just did that.

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Sarah and Ben are recovering from being sick, meaning there has been snot a-flowing around here for over a week. Snot and boogers. Big ones. The other day Ben woke up with one of his nostrils completely closed over with a crusty boog.

I know, it’s gross. That’s why there’s no picture to go along with this blog.

Do you think I can get anywhere near them with a kleenex to fix this problem? We are past the point where I can walk up to the with the kleenex visible, past the point of hiding it and whipping it out to wipe their noses. Each attempt is greeted with them screaming absolute bloody murder.

I don’t like having those kids. The ones who have dirty faces (though they do sometimes). The ones with dirty clothes (though they do sometimes). The ones with crusty noses (though they do ALL THE TIME).

Today I taught Sarah how to pick her own nose.

I figured that if she can do it (“I can do it”), then it’s her idea, and it’s not so bad.

I know that I will regret it soon.

The loves of my life.

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On a lighter note…..

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So annoyed

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I am a magazine subscriber.

Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Canadian Home and Country, Canadian House and Home, Today’s Parent, Macleans, Martha Stewart — I have subscribed to them all. Not all at once, mind you, but sometimes 2 or 3 or 4 at once. 🙂

I love getting them in the mail. I pick them up out of the mailbox so reverently, and hold them in my hands with such anticipation of the articles, the letters, and the RECIPES that I will find inside. I will often use the late afternoon while the kids eat a snack and watch Dora to sit at the kitchen table with my latte and flip through the pages of the latest magazine. I love trying the new recipes, or at least reading them and imagining myself making them for my family.

Some magazines, I have to admit, have been bugging me lately with their ‘all about me’ kind of attitude — all this self-improvement crap that gets on my nerves because I think if we would start looking at other people first, and serving them, that’s where improving your self image could start to come from. Because it’s not all about ‘me’. That’s not how the world works. Isn’t this the lesson that I’m trying to teach my toddler? I guess sometimes we grow out of that stage at what, age 3 or 4, then back into it later on in life? Anyways, I’m off track.

When my copy of Today’s Parent came the other day, right on the cover it claimed to bust 10 discipline myths. Great, I thought, let’s bust them.

Here are some of the myths: You should have to only tell kids once. Children should always understand the reason we want them to do something. A child’s behaviour is a direct reflection of the way his parents discipline him.

Are you kidding me???? Who buys into those statements in the first place that would even make them myths? Only tell kids once? What?!?! Undersand the reason? Huh? It gets me so worked up to read that kind of garbage — like who are the people out there who actually believe that. Seriously. We’re talking about children here. Sometimes I need to be told (reminded 🙂 more than once to do something. And I think we all know that a child’s behaviour is not always a reflection on how their parents are disciplining them. They have their own little wills that they like to assert, and I have very little control over how that comes out.

I don’t know, maybe I was missing the point. But I don’t know what frustrated me more: either they think there are a bunch of clueless people out there raising children, or that maybe there is a bunch of clueless people out there raising children. I don’t know, is there? I don’t see any. The people I see have beautiful children, and realistic expectations of how they’ll act. It just makes me wonder where the brats that they’re talking about are.

I was pretty close to tossing this latest Today’s Parent, but saved it when I saw some good recipes for dips.

February 18, 2006


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to Disneyland = 0
to Penticton’s Emergency Room = 5

You’d think that the fact that I have a daughter that I would not know the inside of emerg (as a patient, because unfortunately I know it all to well because of work). She’s a girl, and girls do not do things that lead to emerg. Or so I thought.

(I just noticed that the picture in our profile bears an image of her after her last trip to emerg.)
(yes, and disregard the black eye that she has in this picture)
now I’m sighing and shaking my head.

This morning, Sarah was running down the hall, and tried to navigate the corner into the kitchen, and BAM, fell flat on her face. I saw the whole thing happen, and the blood began to flow. Lots of blood. As we tried to wipe it away, we tried to look at where it was all coming from. I thought it was just a small case of bit tongue, but Travis uncovered the source, and it seemed like quite a deep cut on her tongue. So, we thought that it probably needed to be checked out. Travis took her in, and I stayed home with Ben on stand by to go in if she did in fact need stitches, and this time I would have taken the video camera in with me to capture the whole sedation/stoned scene. Because I’m such a loving parent. I would add that scene to the one that I took of her the other day rolling around on the floor having a fit. She’s going to KNOW what she put me through. Anyways…. to make this not so long story even shorter because it’s not about me, but my beautiful daughter, she came home WITHOUT any stitches (yay!) and Travis and I are being looked into by family services. Ok, just kidding about the last part, at least as far as I know, but she has been to emerg 5 times in the past 2.5 years, and that does seem to be a little much to me. I have this funny feeling that in her life, Sarah will be that crazy, brave, daring, or clumsy girl, the one with all the stories, who will point to any particular scar on her body and be able to tell you how she got it.

Let’s just hope that there aren’t too many stories to tell. It’s starting to wear me out, and I repeat, she’s only 2 and a half.

February 17, 2006

I’ve been keeping a secret.

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Did that get your attention? heehee

My secret?

My Auntie Judy.

She is my mom’s older sister, and is a FANTASTIC cook. Thanksgiving dinner at her place involves the turkey (of course), stuffing done inside and outside the bird, 3 kinds of cranberry sauce, and I’m not kidding, 6 or 7 vegetables. This is all followed by 2 or 3 desserts, and you leave their house VERY full.

Every once in a while, she will email me recipes that I have come to love. A while ago, I had asked her permission to put some of them on our site so I could share them with you all, and she graciously allowed me to do so. This is on one condition, though. If she ever comes out with a cookbook, you must promise to buy it.
I know I will!

So I’ve started with a couple of great ones — the peanutty chicken I could literally eat the whole pot of it it’s so good. Have a look and ENJOY!!

February 16, 2006

A little easier to look at

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Since the theme of the day is to change your template, I thought I’d play along. I really liked the pink cosmos, but found the background a little hard to read over. So I think this one will do.

I’m off to sink into the couch and watch Survivor, My name is Earl, the office (best show on TV right now), and maybe er if I can keep my eyes open.

After today, believe me, I’ve earned it!!

Ok, maybe not.

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Well, after one day of work, I’ve had to call in sick. Not for my sake, but poor Benben has a fever and a terrible cough, and is feeling quite sorry for himself when he is actually awake. He was up at 5:45, but slept on me on the couch till 7:15, now he’s back in bed. Poor guy. His voice is all scratchy and warbly, and when he’s awake, he makes lots of noise, mostly to hear himself, I think.

Anyways, now I can catch up on all my blogs that I missed yesterday!!!

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