March 31, 2006

Where’d my soo-zie go?

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The dreaded words.

First, a couple of confessions. Please don’t judge. My daughter is 2 1/2, and yes, still has a soother. She also enjoys her milk from a bottle, and NO other way. I’ve tried any other way, and it gets tossed.

Theoretically, suzie and milk (bottle) are for before nap and nighttime only. That actually worked well when she was still in the crib, because suzie could be kept out of reach. Not to say that I can’t keep it out of reach now, because I can, but for some reason, it just seemed easier with the crib around. Since Ben came, and since I’ve been back at work, (yes I know that is the span of a year) there has been a renewed love affair with these things, and she’ll ask for them throughout the day. If I’m feeling particularly strong, I’ll tell her no, and stick to it. Other times, she just gets it because quite frankly, I’m not willing to fight that battle that day.

Just a quick word about these things, suzy and bottle. Her bottles are now about 2 years old, and there are about 3 in the rotation. For a while there, she would only accept milk from the bottles with the yellow ring at the top limiting us to two options, but for some reason she has decided that a blue bottle is ok too. So, 2 years old…. gross. The plastic is no longer clear, and the nipples get a little ‘sticky’ with age. And suzy. There is only one suzy. We have a back up, but it’s just not the same as the rotting old stinky falling apart gross stained suzy that’s won her heart. The clean suzy just gets tossed. period. “I want yucky suzy” she says.

When she was younger, we attached suzy to a little ribbon that would clip to her shirt. Our night lives had a marked improvement when her suzy was within close reach and she was old enough that she could just pop it in all by herself. Didn’t even have to bother her parents about it, and we loved it. But, being the …… um…. particular being that she is, she has decided that she doesn’t want suzy-string any more. And so, every couple of nights or so, she’ll wake up crying and we hear the fateful words, “where’d my soo-zie go?” We just have to go in, find it in the sheets, give it to her, and she’s out again.

But not tonight, oh not tonight, and I’m scared to go to bed.

You see, as she has this access to her suzie throughout the day, especially when I forget to put it away, or forget where I put it away, it gets misplaced. I have spent so much time looking for that %&*%& suzie that I can’t stand it. Usually it’s found.

But not tonight.

We looked high and low. We tried to offer her ‘clean’ suzie. We told her it was lost. ( I should have told her that lions eat little girls who have suzies still, but that’s another story) Finally Travis went in and explained to her that suzie was lost, and mommy and daddy will keep looking for it, and will bring it to you when we find it. But in real life, we watched Survivor, Earl and the office, then I watched er. So I was very busy, and now here I am, 11:17 at night, wondering what I’m going to do when she wakes up tonight and asks for her suzie.

If you know Sarah at all, you know that it really could be a disaster, and you’re feeling very sorry for us. But probably not that sorry, because I know you’re all thinking that she is certainly old enough to not have a soother. Or a bottle for that matter.

I’m sure Ben’s going to be off his bottle before Sarah is.

And I swear that she WILL NOT be a five year old starting kindergarden with a suzie in her backpack.

So, basically, I have 2 1/2 more years to deal with it.

Here’s to putting off one of the first of many battles with our daughter.


March 27, 2006

Today, my baby turned one.

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My beautiful baby boy.
One year ago, at 14 minutes past midnight, you shot into this world. Just Daddy and me with the doctor and nurse in the delivery room, and when they put you on my chest, I could hardly believe you were here. We had been so surprised to find out you were on the way, but I can’t think of a better surprise I could ever have in my life.
It was Easter Sunday morning, 2005. You came a week late as far as I was concerned, but right on time. Lots of people were here in town waiting for you to come – Grandma and Grandpa Bond, GG and Papa, Auntie Rachel, Uncle Chris and Christine, and those who live here, Nana and Opi, Auntie Jenny and Uncle Ken, Auntie Shirley and Uncle Kevin.
You have a quiet, easy going nature, but we are starting to see you stand up for yourself to your sister, and to us too! You don’t like hearing the word no, and look at us and shake your head when you hear it, making it all a joke. I love seeing your little personality starting to shine through more and more. You love to laugh, and one of my favourite parts of each day is before bedtime when we play on the floor and I get you laughing like crazy.
You can crawl around like nobody’s business, and anytime we help you stand or walk holding our hands, you are so proud of yourself you can hardly stand it.

Soon you will be running, and I will be wondering where my baby went.

But until then,

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living,
my baby you’ll be.”

Love, Mama

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Warning: the following is a bit of a rant by an overtired, overworked too-busy mother.


Like so busy, I don’t even have time to sit for five minutes at the computer to post anything, never mind actually have the time to sit and read what anybody else has to say. For example, I found out that Christy was pregnant through an actual conversation!!! Which was actually kind of nice, though it was one of those conversations that mommys have when there are kids running around, and not only ours, but a few others because we were in the nursery at church on Sunday. So, that’s very cool news for the Heighs, but I feel as though I need to clarify that even though I go to the Summerland Baptist Church, I am NOT pregnant. And nor do I plan to be. Although when Sarah turned one, I was in fact two months pregnant with Ben. Land sakes, how crazy is that. Just the thought makes me want to huddle up in a corner and rock back and forth shaking my head or something like that. So as far as that’s concerned, we are ahead of the game. No babies on the way in this Bond house. And, when all those other adorable little babies come into this world, I will rock them and cuddle them and love them, and then maybe I’ll get the urge to consider having maybe one more.

Anyways, why am I so busy?

You’d think that with having spring break for the past 2 weeks, Travis and I would have had a lovely relaxing vacation with our two well behaved, picture perfect, model children, and would have enjoyed every minute of it loving each other and life and these children and all the wonderfulness they bring to our lives.

You’d think.

But no.

I took the opportunity to work full time (including a 6 day in a row stint, re-training in CT and followed closely by Ben’s first birthday party) and still do whatever it is that I do around this house to keep it running, while Travis installed tile flooring in 2 bathrooms, ‘parented’ our children full time, and worked on his masters.

Such is the life we lead. Bills need to be paid, and this damn (pardon me) masters needs to be paid for and FINISHED already.

But, I’m not asking for sympathy, for I am well aware that we have chosen this route for now so that we will be able to provide for our family in the future, just maybe some understanding that I just might not get out as much as I’d like to, or post as much as I used to, or read other blogs as much as I used to, or cook as much as I used to, or do laundry as much as I used to, or clean as much as I used to…. oh wait, that hasn’t changed.

March 17, 2006

Today I’m going to be a good girl.

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So were the words that came out of my little Sarah’s mouth just 2 days ago. She woke up and said to Travis, “all done crying, all done whining. Today I’m going to be happy”. And we held her to it, and she actually was for most of the day. So it was a good day.

Too bad she doesn’t wake up every day and say that.

March 13, 2006

Alphabet Game

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A is for Age ~ 31
B is for Beverage ~ Diet Coke, Chai lattes, Booster juice, hazelnut lattes
C is for Career ~ ‘Medical Radiographer’ aka X-ray technologist, and MOM
D is for Dad’s Name ~ David Ernst (or Ernie, depends who you ask) Peters
E is for Extracurricular Activity ~ making stuff, playing piano, soccer
F is for Favourite Song(s) of the Moment ~ I can’t think of one, so sad
G is for a Good Time ~ doing something with no kids
H is for Hometown ~ Penticton, BC, born and raised, and now I’m back
I is for Instrument you Play ~ piano, used to play the flute and had a stint at the saxophone, oh yeah, they used to make me play percussion stuff – cowbell, chimes, tympanni etc in band
J is for Juice You Like ~ cranberry, pink grapefruit, raspberry
K is for Kids ~ 2 — Sarah 2 1/2, and Ben almost 1 and then only God knows
L is for Living Arrangement ~ 2 story house with hubby and kids for now….. though we intend to stay for years 😉
M is for Mom’s Name ~ Cheryl Ann Peters (MacKay) — Cheri
N is for Name of Best Friend ~ Angella Dykstra
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays ~ had knee surgery 3 times in 91-92 — 2 were overnighters, overnight for both kids, then back again when Ben was 4 days old. Never mind the night shifts I used to work — too many to count!
P is for Pets ~ none
Q is for Quote You Like ~ The reason lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place is that the same place isn’t there the second time. Willie Tyler
R is for Relationship that Lasted the Longest ~ On May 9th, it will be 8 years with Travis
S is for Siblings ~ Jenny, Rachel and Donny
T is for Trip you were last on ~ on a plane — like Angella — our honeymoon 6 YEARS AGO — this depresses me
U is for U2 song you love ~I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For — from Rattle and Hum
V is for Vegetable you Love ~ almost all of them
W is for Wine you like ~ almost anything as long as it’s not too dry
X is for X-Rays you’ve had ~ dental and knee, I think that’s it — but I’ve taken thousands
Y is for Yummy Food you make ~ I think it’s mostly pretty yummy with the occasional flop to keep me humble.
Z is for Zodiac Sign ~ I think that’s silly

March 11, 2006

Rub-a-dub-dub 5 (!?!?) kids in the tub!

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On Thursday, it was both my dad and Shirley’s birthdays, so we had a party! Well, it was dinner at our house, but the kind of dinner where we all didn’t even sit at the table at the same time. You see, there were 7 kids age 3 and under. And 8 adults. We were almost outnumbered, they almost took over. Who am I kidding, they DID take over. One kid does that, never mind 7!
We had Grace and Braden, Makenna, my two turkeys and the Dykstra boys. Graham and Nathan were over so that their parents could go out for dinner to Granny Bogners. I was happy to watch the boys because no one should EVER have to miss an opportunity to eat at Granny’s. Ever ever ever.
Anyways, they were all well behaved, only minor episodes of pushing and shoving and crying, and lots and lots of screaming. I was tempted to take a tylenol before they all came over but didn’t, and we managed just fine.
So here you see 5 kids in the tub. Jenny thought I was crazy, but I thought they’d be ok — Makenna did want out, though, moments after being put in the tub. I hate to even think about how they were all drinking that water.

The heads you see belong to Nathan, Graham, Grace, Makenna (standing) and Sarah.

There were alot of ‘naked dances’ happening after the bath, but it was great.
I love it!

But, yes, I think I am ready for a day at work to ‘relax’!

March 10, 2006

First one

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This blog is for me. To write down things that I want to remember, but don’t necessarily want to put on the family blog.

Like I want to remember that when Sarah was about 1 1/2, she had to have the bottle with the yellow top. Blue, no. Red, definetely no.

I want to remember that we changed the normal ‘i love you’ sign to just be an L shape, because Sarah couldn’t stick her pinky up, and got frustrated. Ben was able to sign ‘i love you’ this way at 11.5 months.

I want to remember the days that they were born. (those stories to come)

I want to remember the little daily things that drive me crazy and are so important now, and can’t imagine NOT remembering, but knowing that I won’t someday unless I get this down now.

Thank you Auntie Angella…. I think

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A while ago, Angella came back from a Kelowna trip with a treat for Sarah. Based on the popularity of her Christmas gift (a Dora coloring set with stamps and stickers and pads of paper with fancy felt pens that changed color) this time she came back with Dora stickers and velvet posters and TATTOOS. In our house, tattoos are very popular! I had actually put off bringing the box out because I like to ration these kinds of gifts — pull it out when I need it. Sometimes, though, I think the gift will involve me too much so I’m a bit lazy and put it off till Sarah’s a bit older.
Well, last night, we had a bit of craziness at our house, so out came the tattoos. On a side note, we had a double birthday party at our house last night and actually had 7 (!) kids 3 and under, with only 8 adults to ‘balance’ it out — more on that later.
Anyways, about the tattoos managed to distract Sarah at least from what she thought was the impending end of the earth, so they worked great. The problem was, though, that I think I opened up PanDORA’s box and now that is the constant request of the day. I fear that this is how she’ll look in about 20 years if we get her addicted to tattoos now:


Crinkle, crinkle, widdle star….

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Sarah’s new favourite song — if you phone our house, chances are you will be serenaded!

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This one is for Grandma and Grandpa, GiGi and Papa…

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