March 2, 2006


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Posts and pictures.

I feel like I’ve been lacking posts on my blog. Quite simply, I guess, because I’ve gone back to work, and am lacking the time, but also because when I get home from work, I’m all talked out. I have not talked so much during the day for a year. I had been looking forward to adult conversation, and it is great, but I’m a little rusty, so adult words have actually failed me in the past couple of weeks. I’m so used to talking about ‘peepee potty’, ‘how do you ask?’, ‘are you hungry?’ and ‘is it time for night nights?’ that I don’t know how to speak to adults in an uninterrupted, professional setting anymore. Last week, for example, I had to talk to one of the radiologists to let them know that a patient had arrived, and had to explain some of their history to him. I had to use actual medical terms. I probably used half the words that I needed to and stumbled along until the other tech that I was working with took over for me. I’ve used alot of pointing and the words ‘that thing’ and ‘stuff’ more than I care to. I’m sure it’ll all come back, but in the meantime, I’m walking around sort of dazed and confused probably not making much sense to anyone.

And pictures. I have been asked to post a picture of my new haircut, but, well, there just isn’t one. In fact, there are not many pictures of me at all. Mostly because I have been deemed the family photographer, which I guess is what happens when you show a slight interest in photography, and I have lots of pictures of my kids and Travis, and even my Mom and Dad and sisters and brother. But hardly any of me. I’ve told Travis that he is more than welcome to use the camera, and it’s even lying around in the open most of the time, but he’s not the type to think of it. Even before Travis, Jenny and I used to joke that if we wanted to be in the family photo album, we had to be on the sidelines of one of Rachel’s field hockey games. But that’s another story.
I also just don’t really like having my picture taken. I’m just not comfortable in front of the camera. I like it if it turns out well, but most of the time that’s not the case. Maybe it stems from my most embarassing moment ever when my mom (with all good intentions) put (what I considered, and some even agreed with me) a terrible picture of me in the newspaper to announce my graduation from BCIT, and they blew it up to like a 5×7 size (or 8×10) — almost larger than life — and I almost died from mortification. Or maybe it stems from the fact that I have carried around an extra 15 pounds or so at different times in my life, and the extra weight is carried both in my waist and my cheeks (face, of course), so that has left me with some pretty wide angle shots of my face. yuck.

Maybe the solution is to start taking pictures of myself, then I’m doing what I enjoy, and can select which photos I can share with the world.

And they would be only the good ones, of course!


Days like today make me want to work full time.

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And that’s all I’ll say about that.