March 10, 2006

Thank you Auntie Angella…. I think

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:14 pm by Karen

A while ago, Angella came back from a Kelowna trip with a treat for Sarah. Based on the popularity of her Christmas gift (a Dora coloring set with stamps and stickers and pads of paper with fancy felt pens that changed color) this time she came back with Dora stickers and velvet posters and TATTOOS. In our house, tattoos are very popular! I had actually put off bringing the box out because I like to ration these kinds of gifts — pull it out when I need it. Sometimes, though, I think the gift will involve me too much so I’m a bit lazy and put it off till Sarah’s a bit older.
Well, last night, we had a bit of craziness at our house, so out came the tattoos. On a side note, we had a double birthday party at our house last night and actually had 7 (!) kids 3 and under, with only 8 adults to ‘balance’ it out — more on that later.
Anyways, about the tattoos managed to distract Sarah at least from what she thought was the impending end of the earth, so they worked great. The problem was, though, that I think I opened up PanDORA’s box and now that is the constant request of the day. I fear that this is how she’ll look in about 20 years if we get her addicted to tattoos now:




  1. Heidi said,

    I too tend to put of gifts that require my constant supervision. Sounds like you had a very busy night. Maybe you are ready for a day at work????

  2. Jen said,

    Let’s hope not!

  3. Angella said,

    Tell Sarah “You’re Welcome” and to you…”I’m sorry” 🙂

    Graham gets one of the stickers or tatoos each time he goes pee on the potty (which has been quite frequently), so they might be a freaky tatooed pair 🙂

  4. Anonymous said,

    Is it time to teach her how to say “that’s hot” and “loves it”?? She’s got the right pose! Auntie Rachel

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