March 27, 2006


Posted in Uncategorized at 10:05 pm by Karen

Warning: the following is a bit of a rant by an overtired, overworked too-busy mother.


Like so busy, I don’t even have time to sit for five minutes at the computer to post anything, never mind actually have the time to sit and read what anybody else has to say. For example, I found out that Christy was pregnant through an actual conversation!!! Which was actually kind of nice, though it was one of those conversations that mommys have when there are kids running around, and not only ours, but a few others because we were in the nursery at church on Sunday. So, that’s very cool news for the Heighs, but I feel as though I need to clarify that even though I go to the Summerland Baptist Church, I am NOT pregnant. And nor do I plan to be. Although when Sarah turned one, I was in fact two months pregnant with Ben. Land sakes, how crazy is that. Just the thought makes me want to huddle up in a corner and rock back and forth shaking my head or something like that. So as far as that’s concerned, we are ahead of the game. No babies on the way in this Bond house. And, when all those other adorable little babies come into this world, I will rock them and cuddle them and love them, and then maybe I’ll get the urge to consider having maybe one more.

Anyways, why am I so busy?

You’d think that with having spring break for the past 2 weeks, Travis and I would have had a lovely relaxing vacation with our two well behaved, picture perfect, model children, and would have enjoyed every minute of it loving each other and life and these children and all the wonderfulness they bring to our lives.

You’d think.

But no.

I took the opportunity to work full time (including a 6 day in a row stint, re-training in CT and followed closely by Ben’s first birthday party) and still do whatever it is that I do around this house to keep it running, while Travis installed tile flooring in 2 bathrooms, ‘parented’ our children full time, and worked on his masters.

Such is the life we lead. Bills need to be paid, and this damn (pardon me) masters needs to be paid for and FINISHED already.

But, I’m not asking for sympathy, for I am well aware that we have chosen this route for now so that we will be able to provide for our family in the future, just maybe some understanding that I just might not get out as much as I’d like to, or post as much as I used to, or read other blogs as much as I used to, or cook as much as I used to, or do laundry as much as I used to, or clean as much as I used to…. oh wait, that hasn’t changed.



  1. Jen said,

    Oh Karen! You really are so busy. I hope you can find some relaxation and peace in the very near future. 🙂

  2. Angella said,

    For sure! I need some Karen time in person, though talking on the phone is still nice 🙂

  3. Heidi said,

    I can totally relate. Balancing a family and a two parent working household is challenging. Now if there could just be a little house cleaning, laundry, cooking fairy it would be so much easier. Enjoy your days off. I can’t believe Ben is one! I also hear you on the baby craze. No more babies here either, now or ever.

  4. Isabella said,

    I followed the trail of links through the Summerland ladies I know and I have to say I totally appreciate your candor in this post. We too are in the same sort of busyness, (although it’s a bacherlors degree not a masters), and whenever I tell people I’m busy I feel like I’m whining, but that’s not what I mean-it’s just my life and I want to share it. Thanks for sharing yours! And happy birthday to Ben, the days go so fast don’t they? It still feels like yesterday little Belle was born, but she’s one too! Yikes. I think someone must have sent us some Summerland water….. I can’t join you on the no baby’s line.

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