March 31, 2006

Where’d my soo-zie go?

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:04 am by Karen

The dreaded words.

First, a couple of confessions. Please don’t judge. My daughter is 2 1/2, and yes, still has a soother. She also enjoys her milk from a bottle, and NO other way. I’ve tried any other way, and it gets tossed.

Theoretically, suzie and milk (bottle) are for before nap and nighttime only. That actually worked well when she was still in the crib, because suzie could be kept out of reach. Not to say that I can’t keep it out of reach now, because I can, but for some reason, it just seemed easier with the crib around. Since Ben came, and since I’ve been back at work, (yes I know that is the span of a year) there has been a renewed love affair with these things, and she’ll ask for them throughout the day. If I’m feeling particularly strong, I’ll tell her no, and stick to it. Other times, she just gets it because quite frankly, I’m not willing to fight that battle that day.

Just a quick word about these things, suzy and bottle. Her bottles are now about 2 years old, and there are about 3 in the rotation. For a while there, she would only accept milk from the bottles with the yellow ring at the top limiting us to two options, but for some reason she has decided that a blue bottle is ok too. So, 2 years old…. gross. The plastic is no longer clear, and the nipples get a little ‘sticky’ with age. And suzy. There is only one suzy. We have a back up, but it’s just not the same as the rotting old stinky falling apart gross stained suzy that’s won her heart. The clean suzy just gets tossed. period. “I want yucky suzy” she says.

When she was younger, we attached suzy to a little ribbon that would clip to her shirt. Our night lives had a marked improvement when her suzy was within close reach and she was old enough that she could just pop it in all by herself. Didn’t even have to bother her parents about it, and we loved it. But, being the …… um…. particular being that she is, she has decided that she doesn’t want suzy-string any more. And so, every couple of nights or so, she’ll wake up crying and we hear the fateful words, “where’d my soo-zie go?” We just have to go in, find it in the sheets, give it to her, and she’s out again.

But not tonight, oh not tonight, and I’m scared to go to bed.

You see, as she has this access to her suzie throughout the day, especially when I forget to put it away, or forget where I put it away, it gets misplaced. I have spent so much time looking for that %&*%& suzie that I can’t stand it. Usually it’s found.

But not tonight.

We looked high and low. We tried to offer her ‘clean’ suzie. We told her it was lost. ( I should have told her that lions eat little girls who have suzies still, but that’s another story) Finally Travis went in and explained to her that suzie was lost, and mommy and daddy will keep looking for it, and will bring it to you when we find it. But in real life, we watched Survivor, Earl and the office, then I watched er. So I was very busy, and now here I am, 11:17 at night, wondering what I’m going to do when she wakes up tonight and asks for her suzie.

If you know Sarah at all, you know that it really could be a disaster, and you’re feeling very sorry for us. But probably not that sorry, because I know you’re all thinking that she is certainly old enough to not have a soother. Or a bottle for that matter.

I’m sure Ben’s going to be off his bottle before Sarah is.

And I swear that she WILL NOT be a five year old starting kindergarden with a suzie in her backpack.

So, basically, I have 2 1/2 more years to deal with it.

Here’s to putting off one of the first of many battles with our daughter.



  1. Jen said,

    LOL! I laughed outloud throughout that whole post. hahaha.

    I hope last night turned out to be alright. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of suzie??

    BTW, I say use the lion tactic. 😉

  2. Heidi said,

    When Avery was just 2 she started waking up in the night for her soother. It would fall out of the crib and so I would be on my hands and knees at 2am looking for it. After several nights of this I had had enough so I cut the ends off of all her soothers, and had grandma do the same at her house(she used to cave easier than me.) Avery put it in her mouth and then threw it across the room. A week of the grumpies and it was done. I have an idea for the milk in the bottle thing. I didn’t have to use it but would have: put strawberry quick in milk in a sippy cup and say she can have pink milk if she drinks out of a big girl cup. Good Luck.

  3. Angella said,

    All hail Nathan – he found Sarah’s suzy this morning! Or, maybe that’s a bad thing????


  4. Shirley said,

    Hillarious! Scary? I hope your night went alright. Very entertaining post though.

  5. christy said,

    I dread the day we have to break Megan of her soother. But, we did manage to get her of the bottle. Praise the Lord. It’s easier to break a child of a soother though then sucking fingers.

  6. Heidi said,

    So funny! We recently just bought two new ones for Ian because with his teething he’d chewed holes in his other ones and refused to use them. We were afraid, very afraid, of trying to go sootherless. So sad. We also have broken the bottle, though yes I think he drinks less milk but it’s getting better. Someday we’ll tackle the soother…not yet. 😉

  7. Sarah said,

    hey Karen
    I used my soother till I was around 4. I still remember the night I stayed over at the Waterman’s and my soother was “lost”. I’m still bitter about that day haha. My soother was amazing. Maybe it’s a Sarah/Soother connection 🙂

  8. Isabella said,

    I hear your nightmare. My daughter Belle just gave up both of those things, her soother at 5 months and the bottle at 9 months, but as we’re expecting baby #2 I am already having nightmares about a “particular” child as you so greatly put it! Good luck with the battle!!

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