June 27, 2006

A great weekend away… (first of many)

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We went down to the coast this last weekend for our first of many weekends down there this summer. All in all, we have one stag (done), a wedding, a wedding, a family reunion and another wedding — all in a row, down at the coast.

We left on Friday after school. Travis had just been on the grade 8 overnight trip to OUC Okanagan — let me say that I never had a grade 8 overnighter to ‘celebrate’ my “graduation” from grade 8 — all I had was a crappy band trip to northern BC where I was scarred for life while sitting on the bunk bed with the kids I was billeted with and they were actually whispering and pointing at me. Nice. No wonder I was scarred for life. Ugh. Horrible.

Anyways… Travis was pretty much done with 13 year olds when we picked him up on Friday — you could hear the screaching of our tires as we peeled out of the parking lot and tried not to hit any kids on the way out. After the prerequisite stop at Timmy’s for an iced cap and timbits, we were off. We tried to eat dinner at Bromely Rock near Princeton, but were quickly overcome by the ants so that stop didn’t last long. While we were there, though, throwing rocks into the river, these two girls ran down beside us. I thought it was Sarah Julien, but never having actually met her in real life, only seen her at church and lurked on her blog, I was a bit unsure, and a bit shy. But it was her, and she was on her way down to the coast too! We love Vancouver, but were quickly reminded why we moved away when we got a phone call from my Mom warning us that there was a fatal accident on the number 1 and it was probably going to be closed for a couple hours. A couple of hours is not good when you’re already pushing your luck just getting down there in the first place. DVD players are magical, but not that magical.

So we made it down, and Travis and his brother Kevin were off to Tofino early Saturday morning for their brother Chris’ stag. A weekend of camping and surfing, and other stag-related things that I don’t really want to know about, but I’m sure the boys think are fun. This meant that Shirley and I and the kids were in Coquitlam with our in laws. I am truly blessed with great in laws, and so therefore had a really great weekend at their house. They have an awesome back yard that the kids spent most of their time in, and I got to enjoy lots of time out there watching them. It was nice to just sit around and be lazy. We did, though, make it to Granville Market on Saturday morning to meet GG and Papa, and Auntie Rachel, and Auntie Doreen, for the usual Saturday morning breakfast that I do miss alot. I got to meet with my newly married old friend Kim for coffee which was nice, and also led to a trip to IKEA. Where they are having a big sale, I might add, so that was fun too!

And, of course, it has been a few months where my kids have not needed to be seen by a doctor for anything other than a ‘well baby’ check up, so Saturday morning when Ben woke up with pussy eyes that only got worse after his morning nap, we were off to the walk in clinic. It’s nice to get to know the doctors out of town too. He had pink eye, and I think that everyone else managed to escape it. So far.

We went to a water park for pizza lunch on Sunday, and the boys all came home later that afternoon, and Travis had report cards due, so he spent the evening on the computer. Anyone who thinks that teachers have an easy job should come and spend a week with us. Seriously. It’s crazy how much work that needs to be done off the clock.

Karen, stop, you say. Stop talking!

Where are the pictures? Prove it!

Show me Granville Island.

Show me the back yard.

Show me the water park.

Oh yeah, I FORGOT my camera in Coquitlam. Dumb, dumb, dumb. That should be right after keys? check. Wallet? check. Camera? check.

I’m going through serious withdrawal. Fortunately we have a rescue plan in place, and I should have the camera back by the weekend. Hopefully.

Until then, you’ll just have to listen to me. 🙂


June 22, 2006

Happy Birthday, Maka Kooka

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Yesterday, Makenna turned 2!! Already! She’s such a beautiful little girl, and growing up so fast. She’s starting to um, assert herself more especially around her cousin which is pretty cute and funny to watch. I used to think that she looked so much like Ken, but no more — she’s a mini Jenny for sure.

Happy Birthday, big girl, we love you tons!


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click on the picture for the full effect! 🙂


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June 19, 2006

Can you stand a few more?

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Mommy and her kids — Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!



Makenna is pushing Sarah on the swing.

Crazy daredevil!

Our backyard

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Friday night, Ange and I went shopping. My hard working husband graciously stayed home with the kids so I could have a night out (lots of fun, and lots of money spent). We had bought cedars for our side yard a couple of weeks ago, and they were dying to be planted, and as I left, I thought that Trav would maybe get half of them done. But nope, not Travis, he planted 36 trees, all by himself, well, with a little helper by the name of Sarah.

Then, on Sunday, we bought 16 more for the back of the yard, and they all got planted too! All we need are a couple of gates, and my children will be CONTAINED!!!

(For Mom Bond — this is the little path that Travis built!)

June 18, 2006

A poop story

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Speaking of urges that catch Sarah off guard (see previous post), I thought I would share this story.

Everyone who has kids has a poop story.

Smeared on the walls, spraying out of a newborn like a fire hose, eaten (ew)…. you get the idea.

Up until now, fortunately, we have had only one poop story. From when Sarah was about 11 months old, and ‘scooching’ around on the floor. No crawling for her, she’d just sit on her bum and get around that way. So cute. Anyways, she had been scooching around by herself in the other room as Travis, his brother Chris and I finished lunch. When we looked over to the other room, there was a little trail of poop on the carpet, over to the laminate, over to the tv stand, up to the tv, and all over her hand. The worst part — absolutely embedded in her soozie which used to hang from a little string on her shirt and must have been caught underneath her bum. All in all, a pretty good poop story, if I do say so myself.

Until the other day.

We were at McDonalds with Travis’ Dad for lunch. Sarah was having a grand old time running around on the playground, and we were enjoying lunch, and the little bit of freedom that you feel when you’re there. Don’t even really care about the kids screaming. Especially if they are not mine. Travis was able to join us on his lunch break, and Sarah was busy showing him how she can climb etc etc. All of a sudden, she’s standing on the second floor of the thing, saying peepee and holding herself. This started a big panic from the both of us to get her out and to the bathroom. Because really, how gross is it if she peed all over that plastic thing?!? So I get her into the bathroom, pants down and she’s sitting on the potty when I notice…. skid marks. Funny, she didn’t poop, or say poop…..so…… where’s the poo~~squish~~ UNDER MY SHOE!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! Big log, on the floor, in McDonalds, ON MY SHOE!! TRAVIS GET IN HERE AND HELP!!!! Anyways, so gross, but we got ourselves all sorted out in the end.

I can feel some OCD brewing in me when I am starting to spend all this time in public washrooms with someone who has NO CONCEPT of germs or exactly how dirty public washrooms are. Thanks to us, actually.

But let this be a lesson. Never go in McDonald’s washroom with no shoes on.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Today is Daddy’s special day.

We started off with a big “I love you, happy Daddy’s day!” and kisses and cuddles in bed. Daddy was presented with a lovely original hand drawn happy face (one of a kind) by miss Sarah B, and an abstract by mr. Ben. We had waffles because of Sarah’s suggestion for Daddy, and have spent the day outside putting our cedars in (pictures to come!). So, all in all, we’ve had a good day so far.

Somehow in conversation something came up about a gift for Daddy. Travis said, “All I want for Father’s day from you, Sarah, is a big poop.” (“in the potty”, I added)

** side note**
Sarah has been doing awesome with her potty training. She is pretty much trained except for the occasional urge that catches her off guard.

Back to the story….

Yes, a big poop on the potty is all Daddy wanted for Father’s day (that and no fighting, right — that’s what my mom always wanted, and now I see her point). Anyways…. at lunch, the time finally came for daddy’s present. She ran off to the bathroom, and we hear this little voice…

“I did it!! Happy Father’s day, Daddy!”

Is it just me, or have gifts reached (sunk to) a new level?

At the park!

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Blogger actually let me post pictures today! These are from the other day at the park. Sarah was very proud of herself — “I’m a big girl!!” — she climbed that yellow ladder all alone to make it up to the slide! And, Ben, the little dare devil, went down his slide face first on purpose!! (and loved it!)

June 14, 2006


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