August 20, 2006

August 20th

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Ben, you are walking! for about 3 weeks now. You love your new found freedom, and when you get cocky, you’ll walk with your arms down. You still look a bit like a penguin.

And, you have tons of words. You again, are so proud of yourself when you are able to point out a boat, or a bird, or a cat or a puppy. I wish I could freeze these memories.

Sarah, your vocabulary and understanding of what’s going on around you amazes me. You are a smart cookie. You are turning into such a nice little girl. Gone is the phase where you would warn us that “I’m going to hit that girl” or, “I’m going to kick that boy”. (Thank goodness)!!! You now want to introduce yourself and last week at the peachfest parade, you looked at me and said, “mommy, I want to sit next to that boy”. I was a little unprepared for that stage — I thought I had 10 years still!! You are very excited for your school to start, and have your birthday all planned out. Beach, ice cream, cake, balloons and PRESENTS!!!!

You two kids absolutely warm my heart.

Love ya.