October 29, 2006

A good kind of medicine

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This summer, we had a bit of a run of colds between the two kids. There was about a week or so where they would get medicine each night before bed. Night time medicine, of course, because while you’re drugging your children, you might as well make them sleep.

Anyways, the two of them got better, and therefore did not need their medicine every night. But if you know Sarah, you know that she is in to habits. Like really into them. As in, will NOT move on to the next step until she gets what she ‘needs’. That, and she’s persistent and can be loud. Not necessarily a good combination. Back to my point…

Little miss bond takes her Dora cup of water with her to bed every night.

She would insist on medicine, but didn’t need it.


Travis told her that he put special placebo medicine in her water. So special that you can’t see it or taste it, but it’s there.

So for the next few nights, “Daddy, is my special placebo medicine in there?”

Oh yes, Sarah, it is.

Now that. is creative parenting.

It worked for a few days, anyways — until she caught on — it’s hard to stay ahead of that girl 🙂


On the up side….

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The kids are in bed by 7:30. It’s been a while, and it’s nice.


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This morning, I got up for my 8 am shift (after Sarah was up twice, it was super stormy outside and I was on call, so read: not a very good sleep), showered, got ready, and was in my car on my way to my Sunday morning Starbucks treat when the radio said, “It’s a-quarter to SEVEN after we’ve turned the clocks back.”


Could have been in bed.

I can’t believe that I just did that.

October 19, 2006

Please do not call child welfare on us.

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From our weekend down in Winthrop at Thanksgiving. I was a good sport while the pictures were being taken, but ‘Mom the hammer’, or ‘Mom the stopper of all things fun and illegal’ stopped all the fun before it went on too long. 🙂

Monkey see, monkey do.

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In keeping with wanting to do everything his big sister does….

ps. he just sits there. Nothing happens.

A beautiful day for the park.

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Well, it wasn’t today, though it’s turning nice…

Last week Makenna and Jenny came down for the day and we went over to the park for some fun before it gets tooooooo cold!

My big girl on her big girl swing.

A visit from Grandpa

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Grandpa Bond suprised us with a visit the other day.

He brought his fancy red car, his very first car, in fact, that he ever bought. “The Healy” is almost a part of the family. It’s been in all of the boys weddings to some extent, and there are various pictures of the kids (carefully) climbing around in it.

Ben could hardly believe his good fortune when he got a turn to ride (even if only around the block).

And though it was a hard lesson for her to learn, Sarah did a very good job of (eventually) sharing her car seat (for a brief time) so Ben and Grace could each take their turn.

One of the reasons why I am not cleaning the bathroom right now.

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Yes, this is Sarah sleeping at the bottom of the stairs.

I had told her to go up to her room for quiet time, and I guess this is as far as she made it.

Ben is sleeping on our bed (for round 2 of his nap), so both the bathrooms are not going to get the attention they needed this afternoon.


(I am not the type of person who ‘vaccuums when the kids are sleeping’. What is that saying again….. never wake a sleeping dragon, oops I mean child?) By now I know better.

My new Costco card.

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I will smile every time I use it.

October 13, 2006

I knew it!!

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Well, I didn’t know it, but I was sure!

Angella and Matthew welcomed their 3rd child, a beautiful baby girl, Emily Dian, on Wednesday afternoon.

It was a very cool day for me.
Angella was scheduled to be induced that morning.
Tuesday morning, at her doctor’s appointment, her membranes were stripped to get labour started. We got a phone call at 10:30 that night, asking for the spare bed to be made up because they were heading to the hospital to get checked out and didn’t want to go all the way home if they were sent away. I slept fitfully all night, had 3 dreams about this baby (2 that it was a girl, and one that it was a boy), and ran downstairs in the morning to see if the bed had been slept in.
It hadn’t.
So, I was off to work at 7 am, and of course ran up to the maternity ward to check in.
No baby, and no contractions.
So I went to work, and checked in on my break.
No baby yet.
Went back to work, and came upstairs and had my lunch with Ange.
No baby yet.
Went back to work, and ran up before I went home, and peeked around the corner to see a little pink cap cuddled up to her mom. I got to meet little Miss Emily before she was an hour old. So very very cool.

Thank you Matthew and Angella for letting me share that day with you (or stalk you at every chance I had).

You have three beautiful children who are so blessed to have you two for parents.

Love you!!

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