May 25, 2007

Off I go!

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In about an hour (5:30 AM!!! and why am I already up), I’m getting picked up, and I’ll be off.
To Vancouver, for a quick trip basically revolving around shopping. My friend J is getting laser eye surgery, and needed someone to drive her home, so M and I happily volunteered.
Planned stops include Robson Street, possibly Granville Island (for breakfast tomorrow), Lululemon, Old Navy and Ikea.
I. can. hardly. wait.
It’ll practically be like when I lived there. Coffee at Starbucks, wandering downtown (ooh maybe I’ll get a veggiedog at that little stand) and shopping like I actually have money. Except this time I’ll be buying shorts in size 24 mos and dresses in 5T.
Maybe we’ll go check out Stanley Park!
Course, it’s another one of those situations where I can’t wait to get away, but when the time actually comes to go, I’d rather stay at home with my little fam.
Crazy life.

Anyhoo, I was trying to put a picture of our new front door up, but don’t have time to fart around with Blogger so you’ll just have to take my word that it’s awesome. Never knew a new door could be so life changing! haha 🙂

And, I was trying for pics of the Children’s festival yesterday, but you know, blogger sucks.

Happy weekend everyone!


May 16, 2007

More pictures of the new kid in town.

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Looks like Ken, I think.

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May 15, 2007

It’s a BOY!

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Yesterday afternoon, my sister Jenny had her baby! A BOY! Yay! Here’s Peter David Kunka, 7lb 9oz. Everyone’s doing really well.

May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

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In keeping with my theme this year of posting about things at least a day late…..

Happy Mother’s Day!

Unfortunately for me this weekend, I had to work, and the shift I had to work was at 7:30 am. Hmmm, working on Mother’s Day, isn’t that against the law? Anyways, I have to be there for 7:30 to warm up the machine and get stuff set up for my first patient at 8. My kids are really great about me going to work, and I especially don’t mind going in on weekends because they get to stay home with dad. We all know that staying home with dad means Timmy’s for breakfast, McDonald’s for lunch and all out good times (right Travis?). 🙂 But Sunday, they had a different plan for me. As I was heading out the door, Ben’s face twisted up in a heart wrenching cry, “mommy, cuddle couch!” and I just couldn’t refuse. I thought I’d sit for 2 minutes, and he’d be ok, but no — we sat there for 20. Sarah is sitting beside us telling me that, ‘you know mommy, I don’t like it when you go. I want you to stay.’ Man, they were killing me! Needless to say, I was 30 minutes late for work.

Here’s a picture of the two reasons why I call myself Mother.
(the three reasons? Oo-Eee is in there too, and I feel very responsible for him. And there’s Sarah with her scraggly hair per usual, looking super tired because she IS SUPER TIRED. But, she is getting better).

But there are so many great parts to being a mom, and even despite the bad ones, it is truely the biggest, best, most rewarding job I could ever have.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way, really.

May 3, 2007

My addiction

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Other than Facebook (which is growing stronger by the day — I have 35 friends! I can look up people I went to high school with! I am so cool! ha! )

And Diet Coke (which is waning in favour of drinks with, um, more flavour and less aspartame — sorry to all those I offend).


Home Parties!

I would have one a month if I could, but I think that already people hesitate to come over for fear of having to spend money or look through a catalogue. Really though, if you ever have one, I am the perfect guest. I ALWAYS spend money. (Travis does not really read the blog, so I’m pretty safe here). The more money the better.

I love (and could hook you up with):

Stampin’ Up! (of course)
Pampered Chef (kitchen-love it!)
Epicure (food- love it!)
Mary Kay
Discovery Toys
Norwex (cleaning stuff)
Party Lite (candles)
5th Avenue Jewlery
Usborne books

What are your favs?

By the way, I’m indulging this addiction and having a Mary Kay party in the near future, let me know if you want to come! 😉