July 24, 2007

Oh the tough life we lead.

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This is how we spent our afternoon. (Thanks Auntie Evelyn!)


July 23, 2007


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Sarah has become quite the artiste lately.

Her stick figures now sport bodies that the legs and arms come out of, belly buttons, pupils in the eye, ears, hair… you know, the usual.

She has even branched out into bunnies and kittens. She’ll draw families together, and the other day, she was explaining one of these pictures to me.

“This one is the boy, and this one is the girl”

“How do you know which one is the girl?” I asked, kind of holding my breath.

“Well,…… the girl has eyelashes!”

Oh. Of course.

July 18, 2007

Chelsea’s cello.

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My cousin Chelsea was up last week for music camp. One night, after dinner, she pulled out her cello and gave us a little concert.

My kids were amazed.

Like Ben’s diapers?
What a little hick!

And, does anything say ‘summer for a little boy’ more than his face and body?

Lori, we didn’t let him touch the cello — too much! 🙂

Fun with dad.

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The summer so far…

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This is the best one that I could get of the two of them:
Kalamalka lake:

Great Grandma Daly

Sarah was having…. a moment.
And I took a picture.
She was mad that I took the picture.

But, I refuse to let these moments go undocumented.

We also have video of her flailing on the floor.

That’s my girl!!

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Here’s my big girl playing Twinkle Twinkle on the piano.

She’s so proud of herself, and so am I!!