August 9, 2007

Estro-fest 2007

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Also known as the weekend of good food, good wine and great company!

We went to the market.

We went for lunch at Hillside Winery.

We went to 5 (ish) other wineries and tasted what they have to offer. (Can I take this opportunity to HIGHLY recommend Elephant Island? If you haven’t been, you must go. MUST!!)

We went to Starbucks.

We had the most delicious, best dinner ever. Think cheeses, breads, dips, oil and vinegar, meats and wine. mmmmmmmmm.

We had a campfire, and sang some songs.

We floated the channel. That picture above is me, relaxed.

I got a chance to visit and laugh and eat (always important), and walk and just hang out with some of my aunts and cousins (and adopted aunts and cousins) and sisters and momma. It was truly a great weekend. Rachel and I were going over her and Deanna’s um, 500 pictures and looking forward to when we could do this again.

Estro-fest 2008, anyone?

ps. for more pics that are a better size too, check out facebook!