October 12, 2007

If you ever want to know the truth, ask a 4 year old, part 2.

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Sarah had a sleep over this week at Nana and Opi’s house.

Now, Sarah has some things that she needs for bedtime – a particular set of jammies, a glass of water, and one of her stuffed animal friends, just to name a few things.  At home, she needs her fish lamp on, and music (whatever the choice of the day happens to be), but at Nana’s she lets those 2 things go.

Last week, she had a particularly rough time, and has since taken to going to bed with a bowl on her bedside table.

So she was telling my mom about it, and it went something like this:

“I go to sleep with a bowl for my barf by my bed.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, and sometimes we use it for salad.”


October 10, 2007


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Sarah’s ballet day. The best day of her week, I think.





Doesn’t she look thrilled?  (We’re working on the picture smile — you should see her preschool picture for this year!)

Sorry about the blur, but I was taking these inside behind a glass window. Apparently they let you in the room one of these days. When that happens, I promise better pictures.


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For my whole fam damily.


For posing sisters and nieces.


For cousins stirring the gravy with flair.


For Benny who likes to eat the neck? of the turkey.  ?????


For seconds, and thirds……


For my Grandma, who now does the same things with my kids as she did with me.

Like I said,


October 3, 2007

Our lunch time conversation today.

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We just finished lunch.

Sarah caught me off guard today.  We were just sitting around, the two of them eating their crackers and baba ganouj (yumyumyum) and shrek-a-getti, and talking about the princess-a-getti that we have for the next time Grace comes over.  All in the same breath, she says, “do all girls like princessesdoallgirlshavevaginaaaas?”  Just like that.  To which I replied, “yes.”

**side note** we use proper terms in our house.  Consider yourself warned.

“Do all boys have penises?”


Ben pipes up, “Uncle X (we’ll save the particular uncle the embarassment) has a penis.”

Sarah – “I’ve never seen his penis.”

Ben – “Braden has a penis.”

Just regular conversation.  Thank goodness this conversation happened at home!

On a lighter note,

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We went to the park the other day for a little break. I’m having lots of fun these days with my camera thanks to Angella’s Foto Fridays! Now I just need to find an editing program…..



October 2, 2007

the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Alternate titles for this post:

“What have I gotten myself into”

“It’s too late now”

“This has GOT to be a phase”

So I’m going to leave the good until the end, because that’s the best way to end, right?

Anyways, the bad = my week.

     Travis was feeling a little under the weather all week, and even had a day at home.  Wednesday night I came home from music team practise (good) at the church and noticed Sarah’s bedroom lights on, which at 9pm is not usually good.  “She’s probably giving Travis a good run around, I thought”, but in reality….. she was sitting in the bath after having barfed all. over. her. bed.  Start laundry load #1.  (fyi–when you number the first load of laundry, it means that more are coming).  She barfed twice more in the bath.  Run to corner store and buy ginger ale.  Cuddle my sick bear on the couch for the next couple of hours and help her with the subsuqent wretching.  Poor thing, seriously, she did so well.  Laundry #2 and 3 before next morning, and again, I ran out of clean bedding for her.  Must go to store.  Thursday, we stayed pretty close to home and Sarah spent most of the day watching Treehouse on our bed.  Friday, she missed preschool, but seemed to be picking up.  Friday night, enter barfing Ben just before we were going to go out for dinner.  Talk about good timing.  Poor guy didn’t know what was going on, but the thing that really got me was that he’d barf, then want a piece of pizza.  (Hot n’Ready’s to the rescue).  Saturday, Travis developed a cough, which to make a long story short, is pneumonia.  I managed to escape the week just being a little nauseous on Sunday night and extremely tired.  Make that exhausted.

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