April 28, 2008

boo wordpress.

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for two reasons.

I can’t upload pictures right now.  Which is a bummer, because that seems to be all I do on this blog.

I just wrote a big long post about what we’ve been up to, and lost it.





April 10, 2008

the ensuite

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May I present the ensuite.  All done save for painting the ceiling (minor detail, right?!?) and hanging the toilet paper holder and a couple of hooks.  Oh yeah, and the door moulding.

So…. not quite done but pretty much.  Enough for me to want to spend lots of time in here.

2 bathrooms down, one to go.

I have to give props to my hubby-who-can-do-anything for putting a pocket door in and moving the electrical all by himself.

Seriously, he can do anything!  He did the floors, the tile, the plumbing, the electrical.  But, ahem, I painted.  It’s my thing.  But not ceilings.  I draw the line there.  Ceilings are brutal.

And, of course fresh flowers.  Just makes the room nice.

April 9, 2008

Cutie patootie

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This is my niece Grace.







Why teaching preteens is so funny.

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A couple of years ago, Travis intercepted this note from between 2 girls.  I found it again the other day.

me + Bond = (heart) (heart) (heart)   forever!!

I (heart) Bond

Linsey = Mrs. Travis Bond

I (heart) Mr. Bond

(Heart) sooooo hot (heart)

Mr. Bond is a hottie i’m so happy hes our new teach so we can look at him all day long (heart)

mmm mmm good!

(heart) o yes I know, what a babe!

SHA-WING!  (heart)

My OOH my sooo GOOD lookin

Today he wore black pants and a blue sweater! soooo hot I wonder whats in store for tomorrow



April 5, 2008


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The post you all (well all 5 of you) have been waiting for!

All about Mexico.

It. was. so. great!

The kids did great.  They travelled great, the ate great, they played together well, they slept well every night, and they had tons of fun. 

We all did.

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of pictures — well, I’ll try and limit it to a few of my favs — the rest are on flickr.

So an average day.

We’d get up and have breakfast, and head to the pool.  (This, of course, after someone in our group had gotten up somewhere between 6 and 7 am to reserve our chairs.)

The kids would drink their strawberry daqueries, and their pina coladas (futhermore known as pina makallas), or sometimes they’d mix it up and have a miami vice, which is 1/2 and 1/2 of each.

So we’d hang out at the pool.

And watch the kids swim.

And be cute,

And goofy.

Then, of course, after all the swimming and drinking and being cute ad goofy, they’d get tired.

So we’d all go have a nap.  This one is Benny in the taxi after a couple of hours in town at the market.  Talk about awkward!  And tired!!

After my short nap, I would head out to the deck, with the ocean at my feet, and read my book and listen to my music.

sigh. so glad I took that picture.

Then we would head back out to the pool.

And watch the sun set.

Then, we’d go get cleaned up, and head down for supper.  After supper, we’d go see the show that was on for the night.  The resort had a different themed show each night with dancers and lots of music.  Sarah was in heaven.  She’d ask me, “Mommy, when can I go up on the stage?”

By the end of the show, it was 11 pm and time for:

And then we’d go do it all again the next day.

Ah, Mexico.

I would highly recommend it.