April 10, 2008

the ensuite

Posted in renno land at 9:55 am by Karen

May I present the ensuite.  All done save for painting the ceiling (minor detail, right?!?) and hanging the toilet paper holder and a couple of hooks.  Oh yeah, and the door moulding.

So…. not quite done but pretty much.  Enough for me to want to spend lots of time in here.

2 bathrooms down, one to go.

I have to give props to my hubby-who-can-do-anything for putting a pocket door in and moving the electrical all by himself.

Seriously, he can do anything!  He did the floors, the tile, the plumbing, the electrical.  But, ahem, I painted.  It’s my thing.  But not ceilings.  I draw the line there.  Ceilings are brutal.

And, of course fresh flowers.  Just makes the room nice.



  1. Alison said,

    Looks soooo good!! I love the blue colour! You’ll have to write me with the number for that one (I’m looking for the perfect blue for the kitchen!!)

  2. mybloggylife said,

    Awesome. So Awesome.

  3. Lisa R. said,

    good job, and so worth the wait, right?

  4. Angella said,

    I really love the colour you painted it. It’s purty.

    Just curious as to what you are spending a lot of time doing in there?


  5. Amanda Franks said,

    That looks like a great bathroom. And I concur on the flowers, they just complete things, every room should have them, fresh, every day. (#3 on my list of Things I Would Do If I Was a Millionaire). 🙂

  6. Heidih said,

    That’s looks divine! We’re in the middle of doing our ensuite, it’s just a mess right now with half the walls gone and half the floor gone too. And every once in a while a horrible stench coming from the drain in the floor. Eeek! haha

  7. Susie said,

    Great job Karen and hubby. Looks so tranquil. I love it.

  8. SarahD said,

    It’s absolutely beautiful. Since we’re busy with our kitchen, can you come do our ensuite! I’ll have the same thing.

  9. SarahD said,

    P.S Do you have the “before” shot?
    What color is that blue…it’s like my hydrandeas…gorgeous.

  10. Vicki said,

    VERY nice!

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