April 10, 2008

the ensuite

Posted in renno land at 9:55 am by Karen

May I present the ensuite.  All done save for painting the ceiling (minor detail, right?!?) and hanging the toilet paper holder and a couple of hooks.  Oh yeah, and the door moulding.

So…. not quite done but pretty much.  Enough for me to want to spend lots of time in here.

2 bathrooms down, one to go.

I have to give props to my hubby-who-can-do-anything for putting a pocket door in and moving the electrical all by himself.

Seriously, he can do anything!  He did the floors, the tile, the plumbing, the electrical.  But, ahem, I painted.  It’s my thing.  But not ceilings.  I draw the line there.  Ceilings are brutal.

And, of course fresh flowers.  Just makes the room nice.